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Return To Work & COVID-19 Webinar

16 June 2020 by Barteaux Labour & Employment Lawyers Inc.

Lawyer and workplace investigator Jennifer Weston recently had the pleasure of presenting on “Return to Work and COVID-19: Answers to your Pressing Employment Questions,” with the East Hants & Districts Chamber of Commerce webinar series. Jennifer answered employment law questions about recalling the workforce, making adjustments for the “new normal,” and avoiding human rights issues, including:

  • Is an employer obligated to rehire someone who was laid off due to Covid-19?
  • If a person does not have to come back to work, does the employer have to hold their spot open? If so, for how long?
  • Can an employee reduce their hours due to childcare obligations?
  • If an employee gets a sore throat, they need to stay home to keep others safe. For how long? Do I have to pay them?

To hear answers to questions like these and more, watch the video below. 

Posted by Barteaux Labour & Employment Lawyers Inc.

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