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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

All human activity, including the operation of a law office, has an impact on the environment and the natural world. As a firm, we seek to reduce that impact with sustainable office practices. Our team is committed to making daily choices to realize this goal as set out in the following Sustainability Policy.

Values & Education

Every day, every member of our firm makes choices in their work that impact sustainability. As a team, we have all committed to making the most sustainable choice available, and we educate all new members of our team on our sustainability values, goals, and practices as part of our orientation process.

Sustainability Coordinator

Our Chief Administrative Officer acts as our firm’s designated Sustainability Coordinator. The Sustainability Coordinator ensures our team is trained in our Sustainability Policy, implements suggestions and recommendations from lawyers and staff, proposes improvements to firm management, and acts as the all-around custodian of the Policy.

Selective Purchasing

Sustainability is a factor in the purchase of supplies, equipment, catering, and other services. Examples of our sustainability criteria include: recyclability, biodegradability/compostability, recycled content, waste minimization, hazardous-chemical free, energy conservation, resource conservation, organic and locally manufactured products/materials.

Waste Reduction & Recycling

We aim to minimize the use of paper while satisfying security requirements in our choices about data storage, printing, copying, internal and external communications, and mailing. Documents are stored and referenced electronically to minimize unnecessary use of paper.

We also aim to minimize single-use disposable items and packaging. We reuse equipment and supplies where feasible, maximize recycling of all items according to applicable local guidelines, and choose reusable kitchen and catering supplies.

Energy Conservation

We prioritize energy conservation and efficiency in lighting and electronic equipment. This includes the practice of turning off lights, electronics and computers when not in use, and enabling standby modes for idle equipment.

Mindful Travel

Our practice is to reduce business travel where possible and to reduce the environmental impact of necessary business travel.